Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt Training

Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Skill Levels

Want to allow your dog to explore their hunting skills? Then Barn Hunt may be a fun sport for you. Barn Hunt teaches your dog to use their nose to distinguish scents and sharpen their natural instincts. Any breed or mix, whether experienced or not, can participate as long as they love to hunt with their nose as well as be able to climb at least one bale of straw and maneuver through tunnels. This give you and your pup a fun opportunity to do something new and exciting together.

Our classes will be taught by Laurie Cowhig. Laurie has been involved with the sport since 2013 and is a judge, trial secretary and trainer.

The classes are tailored to each individual team… You could be in a class with beginners, intermediate and/or advance skill levels. Laurie works with each team individually.

Rest assured; all rats are safely and humanly placed inside special containers with plenty of air holes and are hidden inside the hay. There are many rules in regards to proper rat care so that they are never harmed. All rats are friendly and domesticated. They are highly intelligent and trained to understand that they are completely safe inside of the spacious containers.

Barn Hunt Training classes are four (4) week courses.  Lessons will be held once weekly as agreed upon.  There is a fee of $100.00 due at the time of registration.

Dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations – Bordatella, DHLP, Canine Flu & Rabies vaccinations. If you are new to the facility, please bring copies of proof of vaccines.

Class Dates: Wednesday’s Ongoing

Time: 4 classes per day at 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 3:30 and 5:00 pm

Location: ADSP Arena

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Vaccination Policy

Very Important: We are concerned about the health of your dog and the dogs in our care, we do require every dog be vaccinated. The required vaccines are Rabies (required by Federal Law), Bordetella, DHPP and Canine Influenza. Veterinary proof of vaccine validity is required prior to your scheduled appointment or class. You can email proof to or fax to (209) 339-4822.

Training Agreement

Barnhunt Training Class Agreement

Refund Policy/Class Attendance

There are no refunds available if you withdraw from your class. We are not able to provide compensation for missed classes during any session.