All nosework classes are held in our climate-controlled, fully matted training building. Cost for all classes is $150.

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Nosework 1 – Introduction

Nosework I is easily the hottest dog sport around, and it’s easy to see why! It’s fun for humans, dogs love to participate and it’s good for building confidence and focus in dogs with shyness, reactivity, aggression or a simple lack of confidence. Any dog can participate; from puppies to very old or retired dogs, no matter their size or breed. This introductory course teaches your dog how to run a search pattern confidently while falling in love with the game. No prerequisite is needed, not even obedience is necessary. If your dog is reactive, please bring a crate. You will need a 12-15’ leash (NOT A FLEXI or EXPANDABLE), a comfortable harness and high value treats that don’t easily crumble.

Nosework 2 – Target Odor & Focused Response

This class will build on the skills learned in Nosework I (a pre-requisite). Now that the dogs have developed a desire to use their nose to look for smells in a systematic pattern, the introduction of a target odor (birch) is paired with their treats then faded out leaving just the birch. Focused responses, or “alerts” will continue to be shaped during this class.
Dogs having fun with their nose is the name of the game!

Nosework 3

Nosework 4

Vaccination Policy

Very Important: We are concerned about the health of your dog and the dogs in our care, we do require every dog be vaccinated. The required vaccines are Rabies (required by Federal Law), Bordetella, DHPP and Canine Influenza. Veterinary proof of vaccine validity is required prior to your scheduled appointment or class. You can email proof to or fax to (209) 339-4822.

Training Agreement

Nose Work Training Class Agreement

Refund Policy/Class Attendance

There are no refunds available if you withdraw from your class. We are not able to provide compensation for missed classes during any session.