Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt, as a competitive sport, is rapidly gaining popularity among dog enthusiasts across the nation.  ADSP is fortunate to have as a trainer Angelique Shear, well know as a Barn Hunt judge and competitor.

Barn Hunt utilizes a dog’s natural instinct to sniff out its prey while working   as a team with his human in a safe, controlled environment.  

The classes are limited in size so each team can work at its own pace and skill level.  Each class is an hour-long meeting once a week for six weeks as agreed upon.  There are no make-up classes or refunds. 

Live rats are used in training and competition, however, they are treated humanely. The containers are regulation-sized and designed for the comfort and safety of the rats.  The rats are friendly, domesticated and trained to understand they are completely safe inside the spacious containers.

Barn Hunt is open to dogs of any age or breed.  They are required to climb a bail of hay and maneuver through tunnels that are bail high.

Barn Hunt Training classes are four (6) week courses.  Lessons will be held once weekly as agreed upon.  There is a fee of $200.00 due at the time of registration.

Dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations – Bordatella, DHLP, Canine Flu & Rabies vaccinations. If you are new to the facility, please bring copies of proof of vaccines.

Class Dates: Wednesday’s Ongoing

Time: 3 classes per day at 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm

Location: ADSP Arena

Barn Hunt Premium - Trial

December 3 - 4, 2022

Barn Hunt

REQUIRED: Send Us Your Proof of Vaccination

Vaccination Policy

Very Important:

All Dogs Sports Park LLC has a very strict vaccine policy.  To train at our facility or use any of the many amenities, every dog must have the following veterinarian administered up-to-date vaccines:  RABIES, BORDETELLA, DHPP, and CANINE INFLUENZA.

We understand there are circumstances, such as health issues or age, which might preclude a dog from certain vaccines.  In these instances, we will accept a letter from your veterinarian or a titer.  

By registering for our classes or using our facility, you are agreeing to provide proof of all four vaccines.  Your proof must be received prior to the first day of class or before using our facility.  



Refund Policy/Class Attendance

Refunds given prior to close of registration, less processing fee.  We are not able to provide compensation for missed classes during any session.

January 2022 Class Registrations Are Open