Fit’n Fun

The emphasis in this class is FUN fitness! We will integrate traditional agility equipment with modern canine fitness training equipment to work every dog at their individual capabilities. Multiple benefits include improving flexibility, self confidence, muscle tone, weight loss, endurance or just providing some mental enrichment for dogs of all ages. Think doggy yoga meets trick training! Each dog’s human will learn how to monitor their dog’s pulse rate, learn how to motivate without overwhelming, improve interspecies communication skills, and how to provide good nutrition to your fuzzy family member. It has been proven that improving weight, body placement awareness, balance and muscle tone can reduce the chances of traumatic injuries such as CCL tears in the knee. All dogs can benefit whether they are overly excitable, shy, nervous, or just plain lazy!.

We offer two classes, Introduction and advanced.  Your dog must have completed the introduction prior to enrolling in the advanced session.  

Day: Tuesday

Cost: $150.00

Class Length:  5 Weeks

Refund Policy/Class Attendance

There are no refunds available if you withdraw from your class. We are not able to provide compensation for missed classes during any session.

REQUIRED: Send Us Your Proof of Vaccination

Vaccination Policy

Very Important: We are concerned about the health of your dog and the dogs in our care, we do require every dog be vaccinated. The required vaccines are Rabies (required by Federal Law), Bordetella, DHPP and Canine Influenza. Veterinary proof of vaccine validity is required prior to your scheduled appointment or class. You can email proof to or fax to (209) 339-4822.

Training Agreement

Fit’N Fun Agility Class Agreement

January 2022 Class Registrations Are Open