Disc Dogs Tournaments

All Dogs Disc Dog Tournaments consist of 4 divisions and each competitor will compete in 2 rounds, no matter what division they are in.

The first 3 divisions, Novice, Intermediate and Expert, will compete in 2 rounds of Toss and Fetch. The 4th division, Open, will compete in 1 round of Freestyle and 1 round of Toss and Fetch.

Novice Division Rules

The Novice Division is for people new to the sport, inexperienced, casual or walk-on players.

If competitors in the Novice division win twice and have another placement of 1st, 2nd or 3rd, they will be promoted to the Intermediate Division.
Note: The order in which the achievements occur are not critical.

Intermediate Division Rules

The Intermediate Division is for teams who have been promoted from the Novice Division and have some field experience. Or teams that are new to competing, but throw pretty well and would like to bypass the Novice Division.

The criteria of 2 wins and 1 additional placement, 1st, 2nd or 3rd, will promote them to the Expert Division.

Expert Division

This is where the Pros play. If you feel you and your dog are ready or you have been promoted out of the Intermediate division through wins and placements, you will play with the strongest teams here.

Open Division

This is the only division that offers freestyle and teams are more than welcome to compete here no matter what Toss and Fetch level they are at.

Disc Dog Workshops

Have you ever watched the dogs on TV catching frisbees and flying through the air. Now is your chance to learn from Steve Teer, a seasoned veteran of the sport. This workshop will give you the foundation skills to have fun and be successful in the sport disc!

Your dog does not need to know how to catch an airborne disc in order to attend, however, he/she must have toy drive.


Novice Workshop

The Novice Workshop is perfect for beginners whose dogs don’t yet catch a disc and those who have dogs that do, but are still at the beginning level.

We will work on building interest and drive for the disc, safety considerations for humans and canines, different disc grips and releases, proper throwing technique, drive building, retrieve skills and increasing speed of the dog’s return.

We will also work on throwing skills and timing of the throws to the dog.

Intro to Freestyle Workshop

We will work with you to increase your throw strength & proficiency.
Plus, introduce you and you dog to playing with multiple discs. Learn the safe way to teach your dog flips, overs, vaults, and some fancy footwork!

Each team will receive 1 new disc with enrollment. Additional discs will be available for purchase This workshop will be under the cover of the arena on artificial turf. Before and after the workshop(s) the grass field will be available to practice your skills. Recommended equipment: crate (and sheet to cover, if needed) or other arrangements, high value training treats. There will be times when you will be working without your dog. Instructor: Steve Teer (Learn more about Steve) Question? Contact Steve at Info@AllDogsSportsPark.com

Vaccination Policy

Very Important: All Dogs Sports Park LLC has a very strict vaccine policy.  To train at our facility or use any of the many amenities, every dog must have the following veterinarian administered up to date vaccines. The required vaccines are Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP and Canine Influenza. 

We understand there are circumstances, such as health issues or age, which might preclude a dog from certain vaccines.  In these instances, we will accept a letter from your veterinarian or a titer.

By registering for our classes or using our facility, you are agreeing to provide proof of all four vaccines.  Your proof must be received prior to the first day of class or before using our facility.

Refund Policy/Class Attendance

Refunds given prior to close of registration, less processing fee.  We are not able to provide compensation for missed classes during any session.

January 2022 Class Registrations Are Open