Dr. Kelly Chaffin, OneMind Dogs Coach

Agility Foundation Instructor

Kelly began agility in 2004 with her energetic and enthusiastic Golden Retriever, Charlie.

Currently, Kelly has 3 dogs in various stages of their agility careers. Kelly and her dogs regularly compete in AKC, USDAA, and UKI agility. Kelly and her dogs have competed at national and international events since 2008.

Pete is a 10yo Golden Retriever that is retired from national and international competitions. Pete and Kelly won the Bronze medal at the US Open Championship in 2014. They won the Master Series Biathlon Gold Medal at the US Open Championships in 2015.  Pete and Kelly have represented the USA at international competitions on 4 occasions. They were on the AKC European Open team in 2012 (Sweden) and 2015 (Germany). Pete and Kelly were on TEAM USA for the World Agility Open (WAO) in 2015 (Netherlands) and 2016 (England). At the WAO in 2015, they finished 10th in the Individual Pentathlon. In 2016, they won the Gold Medal in the Team Pentathlon competition. These days, Pete still loves a good spin around the agility course at local competitions.

Casey is a 6yo Border collie that is currently Kelly’s primary competition dog. He is a masters level competitor in all venues. Kelly and Casey will be competing at the US Open Championships and the European Open Try-outs competitions in late 2018.

Mark is a 6mo Border collie that is learning the ropes of agility foundation and just being an all-around good boy.

Kelly has been utilizing the OneMind Dogs philosophy of training since 2013. She has been an Assistant Coach since 2016. Kelly enjoys the game and teamwork of agility. As a handler she likes to study the dog’s line and solve the puzzle for the best line and techniques to achieve success. “My strength is my focus. My passion is belief in my teammate and our training. My handling style is direct, focused, and precise. The connection is the key.” Kelly says she loves to analyze courses and techniques. “I love the details of agility. I also love to explain why decisions are made and how those decisions impact a team’s performance.” “My favorite things to teach are the details of the three Cs, take-off point, and the elements of the handling techniques. It all works together!”

Outside of agility, Kelly is a veterinarian. She currently works for IDEXX Laboratories as a Medical Specialty Consultant.

Teaching Methodology – OneMind Dogs; www.oneminddogs.com

OneMind Dogs Philosophy: The OneMind Dogs method is based on dogs’ natural behavior. When you communicate using your body language, all dogs understand the message.